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Get started as a new home buyer | Iloilo Prime Properties

Get started as a new home buyer!

Sep 03, 2021
Most of people nowadays consider real estate as reliable investment. Why? There are late nights, early morning, no [more]
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Building Permit | Iloilo Prime Properties

How to Apply Building Permit?

Aug 19, 2021
Iloilo Prime Properties by Big Green Realty | August 19, 2021 Nobody knows Iloilo Real Estate like we do! What is a [more]
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Minimalism: Beauty in Simplicity | Iloilo Prime Properties

Minimalism: Beauty in Simplicity

Nov 03, 2020
Filipinos are notorious hoarders. We keep something as trivial as plastics from a recent grocery trip or something [more]
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Iloilo Prime Properties: Real Property, Real Solutions

Iloilo Prime Properties: Real Property, Real...

Oct 09, 2020
Looking for a way to own your own home? We can help you find one and own one. Iloilo Prime Properties is an establi [more]
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Real Property as Debt Payment: Is it Legal?

Real Property as Debt Payment: Is it Legal?

Aug 17, 2020
Is a house and lot or any real property can be used as a debt payment? Before you get carried away with hassle-free [more]
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Barter of Lands: How to Go About It

Jun 15, 2020
Can you barter your land for goods and services or another land? Should you?  Members of a barter Facebook Gro [more]
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Value of A Good House | Iloilo Prime Properties

What the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Teaching Me: T...

Apr 23, 2020
Many of us in Iloilo have been self-quarantining at home for more than a month now as our contribution to “flatteni [more]
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Iloilo Covid-19 | Iloilo Prime Properties

Sense of Community: Iloilo Sustains Itself A...

Apr 02, 2020
Living in Iloilo has always been about the “laidback lifestyle.” Ask any local and they will tell you how relativel [more]
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